What We Do

We adopt a holistic approach to community mental health and wellness appreciating that addressing mental wellbeing and illness goes beyond psychiatric facilities, given that mental wellbeing and illness are not simply health issues, but have social and economic causes and effects.

We support access to preventive and restorative mental health services

Our interventions support and promote early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illnesses, while at the same time promoting resilience and wellbeing in the communities we work. We also actively engage in initiatives that address stigma associated with mental health.

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We support social inclusion of persons with psychosocial, intellectual and cognitive disabilities

We work to eliminate barriers to inclusion that hinder the meaningful participation of persons with psychosocial, intellectual, and cognitive disabilities in community life, education, paid fair work or employment, economic activities, decision making and leadership, among others.

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We are continually improving policy, practice, culture and norms through research and advocacy

Our work has a strong focus on participatory action research and participatory rural appraisal, as we believe in the power of the communities we work with, to co-create solutions to their own problems using experiential knowledge. This has helped generate evidence-based insights that have helped to catalyse change.

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Our Programs