WHO QualityRights

Project location(s): Kenya

Project Overview

QualityRights is WHO’s global initiative to improve the quality of care provided by mental health and social services and promote the human rights of people with mental health conditions and psychosocial, intellectual or cognitive disabilities. It offers a new approach to mental health care which is rights-based and recovery-oriented.
Within the mental health care context, many people using services are exposed to inhuman living conditions, harmful treatment practices, violence, neglect and abuse. Many are also systematically detained and treated without their informed consent. People report that services do not respond to their needs, nor support them to live the lives they wish to lead in the community – instead their experience leaves them feeling hopeless about their lives and disempowered.

In the wider community context, people with mental health conditions and psychosocial, intellectual or cognitive disabilities are subjected to stigma and extensive inequalities that permeate all aspects of their lives. They are discriminated against in education, employment, housing and social services. They are often excluded from social, cultural and leisure activities and denied the right to fundamental civil and political rights such as the right to marry, have children, to vote or be elected. Also, they are more likely to experience emotional, physical and sexual abuse than the rest of the population.
Through QualityRights, WHO is supporting countries to put in place policies, strategies, laws and services that are in line with international human rights standards including the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). In Kenya, Basic Needs Basic Rights Kenya is among stakeholders partnering with the Ministry of Health to actualize the ambitions of the QualityRights.

WHO QualityRights training tools

As part of the QualityRights Initiative, WHO has developed a comprehensive package of core and specialized training materials to build capacity on rights based, person centred care & support for all stakeholders including healthcare workers; people with mental health conditions & psychosocial, intellectual or cognitive disabilities; support persons & families; policymakers; NGOs; organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs); advocates; lawyers; academics; teachers & students; community & spiritual leaders; and others. The training modules cover a wide range of issues in the fields of mental health, human rights, legal capacity, recovery & ending coercion. BNBR is therefore mainstreaming QualityRights in all its programs across Kenya by conducting QR sensitization for its various project stakeholders.

WHO QualityRights e-Training on mental health, recovery & community inclusion

The WHO QualityRights e-training builds on the face-to-face training modules reaching and engaging thousands of people within countries and organisations. It provides an interactive and dynamic environment to build the capacity of stakeholders on critical issues related to mental health, disability, human rights, recovery and community inclusion. The WHO QualityRights e-training is available for individuals and organizations free of cost. Click here to register for the WHO QualityRights e-training.

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