We are committed to fostering a community that values mental health and wellbeing

Our interventions thus focus on protecting, promoting, and actualizing the rights of all persons with mental health conditions, those at risk, their caregivers, and their wider community, as a basis of addressing the inequalities, stigma and/or discrimination that such people often face, hence ensuring their meaningful participation in community life.


Our programs are designed with sustainability in mind. We thus target eight Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) through our interventions.

Key Areas of Intervention

We empower communities with skills on early intervention screening, rights-based approaches to service provision, and psychosocial support and care for service users, caregivers, and service providers. We also work to improve health seeking behaviour by challenging stigma and discrimination and debunking myths and misconceptions on mental health through improving mental health literacy.
We build the capacity of persons with lived experience of psychosocial, intellectual, and cognitive disabilities to participate meaningfully in community life. This entails imparting in them skills to become lived experience champions meaningfully participating in leadership, decision making, paid fair work and/or economic activities, thus enabling them to confidently and successfully claim their rights.
We pride ourselves as a thought and collaborative leader in informing mental health policy, practice, culture and norms through advocacy initiatives that are evidence-based. We therefore continually strengthen our partnerships with lived experience champions, the communities we work with, Government, Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to effect measurable change.

Our impact in the community

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