Amplifying political voices for quality mental health care services in Kenya

Project location(s): Kenya

Project Overview

This initiative seeks to ramp up political support in 3 realms through the engagement of champions of mental health drawn from the Senate and National Assembly, in pushing for government action and accountability, with the aim of improving the state of mental health in Kenya. The overall objective is to successfully magnify, position and lend political voices to the mental health space, for the enhancement, strengthening and oversight of both state and non-state-led interventions needed most during this Covid-19 pandemic period.
The program also seeks to build capacities of champion legislators at national and county levels for accelerated action on mental health through review and enactment of policies, legislation and budget appropriation, as well as raise awareness and address stigma and misinformation.

Expected outputs from the program

  • Intensified public awareness creation and capacity building of relevant Counties, Senate and National Assembly Committees over mental health care and treatment options and provisions within the law.
  • Initiate evidence-based policy while repealing retrogressive laws and replacing them with legislations that promote human rights for people with mental health conditions.
  • Creation of awareness and capacity building for policy makers on social inclusion for service users and their family members while promoting diversity and cultural differences.
  • Ensuring an overall reduction on stigma related to mental health in East Africa and access to quality mental health services for the total recovery of patients.

Implementing partner(s)